Information and Communication Technology Incubator

About the incubator

Information and communication technology entered the market in the 90s, and developed rapidly. As a broad area of technology, it differs greatly with other ones because it can cover a vast range of scopes, mainly to facilitate tasks, and increase performance.

Because of large number of electrical, electronics, and information technology related industries, academic, and research centers, and skillful experts, Fars province has always been famous for being a core of ICT in Iran. To empower this capability, Fars Science and Technology Park established its ICT incubator in 2016 to attract innovative ideas, and support employees of electrical and electronic industries.


Acceptable categories in Information and Communication Technology Incubator:

  • E-Agriculture
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Tourism
  • E-Health
  • E-Learning
  • E-Health
  • M-Health
  • Software applications
  • Tourism Information Technology
  • Cyber security
  • Mobile computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • Big data
  • Secure telecommunication
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Technology unit:


Technology unit is a company or institution which has completed the process of idea to production successfully, and can market its products. These units become independent in employing staffs, managing the products commercially, and paying for current expenses.  Technology units get a legal identity, autonomous from the incubator. According to the statute, they can work in a variety of fields such as; applicable research, engineering design, reverse engineering, technology transfer, and commercialization activities of their research results.


Technology units will be admitted in two periods; pre-growth, and growth period.


Definition of pre-growth period:


In this period, the work plan is completed, and verified. The incubator then supports the applicant to establish an independent company as a legal entity. The performance of the company will be evaluated in a six- month period, and can be extended based on the incubator manager’s discretion to nine. 


Definition of growth period:


Having received support from the incubator, in this period, the company has acquired enough to enter the competitive market and develop as an independent, knowledge-based firm. This takes about three years and is extendable to five in specific conditions after being evaluated by the boards of the incubator.

Admission requirements in technology units:

All technology units must have these prerequisites:
• Having a technology-based idea with economic justification • A complete work team consisting of at least three relevant experts • Providing business plans (BP)
The application of deployment of applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:
• Filling out the admission forms • Presenting the idea with research record in technology, economic justification of the idea, the work plan, and introduction of the staffs • Presenting required documents of the staffs including resumes, IDs, and educational backgrounds • Presenting company registration, establishment, patents, and related certificates
Supports and facilities:
Facilities will be provided for the technology-based units based on regulations, and credits: • Providing seminar, and meeting spaces • Technical training • Technical consult • Facilitating communication between experts, and technology units • Facilitating access to research, workshop, and laboratory facilities • Organizing focused services to reduce costs, and increase quality • Providing services in informing, advertising, and exhibiting • Providing security, and a peaceful work atmosphere for the units • Supporting intellectual property of technology units by technical, legal consult • Providing facilities for technology-based units according to assessments, and priorities

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