Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Incubator

About the Incubator

Considering the proven large oil, and gas reserves in Fars province, neighboring oil-rich provinces in the south, and access to downstream, and upstream industries, the oil, gas, and petrochemical incubator has been active since 2011. This center has gathered specialists and innovators in the field of chemical, and polymer engineering, petroleum engineering, gas, petrochemical and mechanical engineering, material engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, computer engineering, petroleum geology, Nano and biotechnology, and other oil related fields.

Major activities of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Incubator:

  • Changing ideas to new services, or products in the form of small, and medium businesses
  • Creating technical knowledge in oil, gas, and petrochemical fields
  • Supplying requirements for beginner, and private technology companies
  • Supporting ideas to improve processes of extraction, and refinement of low stream industries by young companies
  • Providing higher tech products in oil, and gas, downstream, and upstream industries using technical knowledge
  • Providing technical-engineering services in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, and reducing dependency
  • Reducing risks of running businesses and entering the market
  • Transferring knowledge, and technology in oil, gas, and petroleum industry
  • Reducing dependency of the country in oil, gas, and petroleum industries
  • Making appropriate job vacancies to attract entrepreneurs, and university graduates in fields of technology
  • Reducing technology gaps, and providing requirements in oil, gas, and petroleum industries
  • Facilitating designing, and manufacturing required equipment in oil, gas, and petroleum industry
  • Improving Fars province position in oil, gas, and petroleum industry
  • Cooperating with research, industrial institutes, and universities for further improvement
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Dr.Peyman Keshavarz



Ms.Golabatoon Parsaeeian